January 5, 2014

Paper 53

Hello, how is everyone faring?

Do you too feel like the holidays are long behind us? While I relish a return to normalcy, it has been slow going in this house as the dreaded flu bug has me down for the count. My goodness, cannot remember feeling so under the weather. Get that shot! Sure, easy to say that now..........

Before Christmas a video came across my computer and I was hooked. The app 'paper 53' led me down a slippery slope of creative delirium.
The app is free, but..........
Now I needed the stylus.
Pencil / Think With Your Hands from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

Next I discovered this app and stylus required an iPad with retina display. So then followed an iPad Air. Many dollars later I am thrilled and having so much fun, worth it!
Now I am not an artist, as you will see, but one can only improve with practice.
ahem.......this is supposed to be a rustic, very rustic wooden table

Even skies are easy
These papers can easily be transformed, with the click of a button, into virtual books, printed and mailed right to you, viola! Are the wheels turning?

 Sending wishes for a new year filled with blessings and loads of creativity!

Now, if this weather improves, (think massive snow and wind chills headed towards -45 below)
I can get down south where the winter markets are about to get underway!

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